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Opening ceremony of Jasblu coffee park

2019/12/05 15:01

Jasblu coffee dream park industry / opening celebrating

All the good things come as excepted!!!

It takes 730 days to finish the Multi-scene innovation center without any design drawing

Finally , all the works are done.

Just at today



All the expectation come true today!


There are so many coffee Industry leaders come together, ,such as :

Chairman of Starbucks

CEO of Sarbucks

Thermoplan CEO and coco chairman

Representative of party committee of Jiuting Town government



Part 1:  the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the fourth floor of Jasblu dream park industry

After that, every Jasblu employee singing the famous Chinese song: my motherland and me , come on the stage with special way


Part 2 : signing ceremony of increase the investment ( shareholder : Thermoplan CEO)

Upon the successful completion of the second phase project of DreamWorks, thermoplan, a Swiss coffee machine manufacturer, has successfully increased its holding by 10% with us $5 million. After this round of capital increase, Wangli coffee DreamWorks will grow to US $50 million as a whole. As an important partner of Wangli coffee and the second largest shareholder of Wangli, the increased holding will be fully used to improve the 100 person call center and coffee machine Intelligent R & D, and the landing and optimization of beverage innovation center. The main person in charge of thermoplan gave Wang Li a special coffee machine as a "gift" for the opening ceremony, which also represented a symbol of long-term friendly cooperation between the two sides.

(PS: the guests are divided into 8 groups, each group has a leader, who will take you to visit DreamWorks respectively)

Part 3: Listen to industry forum BBS, enjoy the coffee made by champions ( Master JAS)

·Speacher : Guo ying Du ,the CEO of Xiao Guan Tea , Lecture ThemeXiao Guan Tea, with big dream

·Qi Yuan Huang    the CEO  of  Taiwan lantao Asia co. LTD,  Lecture Theme: he impact of global changes on China's consumer retail market - also on the key to success in corporate transformation



  • Hessel,  Chief executive of BRITVIC UK , lecture theme: Global Mega Trends drive need for Innovative Beverage Solutions and Creative Partnerships 

Edgard Bressani ,  SCA, Alta Mogiana, Brazil , lecture theme: Opportunities and challenges in the global green bean coffee market in the next three years 

Daniel / CEO of Magnesia arm robot lecture theme: New Retail of Robot enabled Catering。

As the follow-up part of the opening ceremony of Jasblu coffee, Wang Li Da's parents focused on one of them during the award ceremony. As the "great hero" of the overall planning of DreamWorks, Wang Junjie is the chief designer. This is his glory. He is the only one~

Thank you again for the invitation
And Jasblu coffee staff support and cooperation!
The opening ceremony of Wangli coffee dream workshop was successfully concluded!