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Perfect Coffee ! C-store Imports 20 Coffee Machines Made in Switzerland

2013/01/11 09:19
Catering to the demands of coffee fans, C-store launches a major quality improvement program.  Starting from early 2011, it will import Thermoplan automated coffee machines made in Switzerland. Completed by premium milk and fresh coffee beans, we will offer perfect coffee to coffee fans everywhere. 
New machine: Tiger Cool coffee machine integrates Thermoplan’s new technologies with innovative ideas
1. Autosteam system.
2. POD component as standard equipment.
3.One or two grinders available, designed for two kinds of coffee.
4.Automated cleaning feature in both coffee and concentrated milk systems.
5.Durable metal blending package.
6.Connected to POS system with multiple interfaces.
7.Combination of steam pipe and temperature sensor.
Auto mode
Diversified Menu
By clicking one button, you can choose from espresso, cappuccino, American coffee, latte and cold or warm milk.  
Thanks to automatically ground fresh coffee beans and this coffee machine model, it shortens the time of preparation and ensures more stable quality, along with a finer and full-bodied crema.  The mix of sweet crema and premium coffee adds to its diverse layers of taste.  In addition, the outstanding productivity of Tiger Cool also provides tasteful coffee to our busy customers in no time.