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Coffee industry outlook: the future development of the coffee industry trend analysis

2013/01/11 09:17
(United Interfax News Agency / Guangdong) – Nowadays, the young white-collar workers are wishing to the pursuit of quality and style in their life, and are willing to consume more to enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment at a coffee shop under a high-paced city life - is such a place of their pursuit. China's coffee market has many international and local brands, such as: Starbucks, Shangdao Coffee, COSTA, etc…Now more and more investors are aiming franchise as a good space for coffee market. Therefore, Coffee industry prospects that how high of the profits?
The future development of the coffee industry trend analysis:
Analysis from the coffee growing and processing area, Yunnan, Hainan have more enterprises engaged in the field of coffee growing and processing, but most of them are mainly in semi-completed products, the number of product is limited, there is no formation of a competitive brand, the lack of deep processed products. In conclusion, is generally low level of competition.
First: the cultivation of coffee production will be gradually concentrated. Currently, the coffee shop franchisee can be described as bustling market, coffee franchise also provides a lot of conveniences for those who like to drink coffee. In recent years, our coffee beans output are growing continually, the coffee beans cultivation technology has significantly improved. Chinese government is bringing positive attitude on the investment of coffee cultivation from foreign enterprises, because of the size of coffee shop franchisee is growing. China will continue to maintain the growth of production of coffee beans in the next few years. "Company + Base + Farmers" will be the main role of coffee growing and processing.
Second: Diversified Marketing Model. Now, the consumption of coffee is matured at the large and medium-sized cities, the business model is forming to small and popular coffee shop, therefore, introducing franchised cafes, coffee carts, mini café bars…etc. Positioning for different consumer groups, more sales formats will gradually emerged in the coming years.
Third: Brand management. With the development of the coffee industry, the competitions between the coffee shops are also growing. Because of the coffee consumer groups are located in the high-end consumer groups, coffee shop brand awareness is particularly important to their future development. Coffee shops will focus on brand management philosophy of brand management, they request to focus on future trends to have an accurate grasp, and this avoids and overcomes the problems that may arise in the future operating.
Fourth: Variety of decoration style. The exquisite decoration and location are the success factors of the cafe in the future. We all know people into a café and would like to enjoy a comfortable café environment. The decoration will directly affect the business of café. Investors need to market crowd and entrepreneurship for the different grades to do the renovation and design of coffee in order to attract customers eye.