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Q-Garder(Jas coffee academy)

2014/08/07 09:11
Jas coffee academy start another Q-Garder course in July 28 - August 2.This course is really hard to graduate because it has 22 exams. Each one of the exam is very difficult. 
This time we have invited the founder of Q-Garder——Ted Lingle to join Jas coffee academy’s Q-Garder course. It’s the honor of Jas coffee academy.
CQI's Q Coffee System locates specialty coffees at origin and helps to improve those that have the potential to meet specialty standards. The effect is a common language between buyers and sellers that draws attention to more specialty coffees while creating an infrastructure that gives producers greater opportunities to enter the marketplace and to increase their economic viability.
When a coffee moves through the Q Coffee System and becomes verified as a Q Coffee™, it signifies an independent confirmation of quality that can truly be deemed specialty. Green coffee samples are submitted to an In-Country Partner (ICP), and 3 Licensed Q Graders (professionally accredited cuppers) cup and score the coffee. Coffees that meet the standards for green, roasted, and cup quality are issued a Q Certificate. If a coffee does not meet specialty standards, it receives a technical report that explains why.
Jas coffee academy has top cupping classroom. 24 students can cupping at the same time. The teaching assistant of this course all have the Q-Garder educational degree, it’s really good for students. We work so hard to make our services better. We make delicious food and yummy snacks. We hope they can have a great time in Jas coffee academy.