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Ted Lingle with Jascaffe

2014/08/07 09:11

Today is the last day of Q-Garder course. All the students finished 22 exams. Our teacher Ted Lingle spend all the time with our students——cupping、training the sense of smell and taste. Devote himself to the class.

Ted Lingle graduated from West Point in 1966, began to work in the coffee business since 1976. Since 1991, Mr. Ted Lingle work as managing director in Specialty Coffee Association of America for 15 years. For the spread and development of specialty coffee has made tremendous contributions. He co-founded and served as the U.S. CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) executive director. They aimed at promoting the coffee quality and the living standards for coffee farmers.
At the time the class finished, the president of Jas coffee academy give our lovely teacher a special gift that he picked by himself——The Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) ceremonial officer's sword. It has the powerful standing and shows his meticulous study spirit. We would like to give him the most sincere gratitude for the contributions he did for coffee Industry in china. I