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     The excellence of in-store hardware planning is important for developing the catering business, also the “Soft Skills” too. The construction of soft skills also is a high valued section during the business. To produce a cup of perfect coffee, our barista training includes coffee knowledge, culture, mechanism of coffee machine and practices, ranging from industry expertise to preparation techniques.

  Training Department of JASCAFFE has developed a whole set of training courses. The trainees register the course that includes professional knowledge about coffee, tea, drinks and equipment as well as practice.   The trainees will prepare themselves before starting working and they will receive certificate from JASCAFFE after completed. In addition to general courses, we offer customized training courses for clients, focus on their equipment, material and menu, so these can help the client to free the extra resource for other core business.
  Besides professional knowledge, we believe that the service industry should satisfy the customer’s requirement with a better attitude. Click for large image In addition to professional knowledge and skills, we focus more on employees’ service attitude. The training department is responsible for improving the quality of frontline service quality and services manner.