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  “JASBLU R&D Center is according the process of modern food technology with our outstanding R&D and QC staff, integrating the excellence capability of technical and boundaryless innovation to develop brand new drink products and its concepts. The specific functional of R&D center is “Creative Application”. In terms of this, it combines existing products and our R&D procedures to produce a new applicable concept and a systematic operating process for customers to maximize the efficiency of product promotion with the optimal product procurement cost. In terms of quality control, every product must pass various testing before launching on the market, including devices, materials and its applications. Specially in food processing field, including a strict plant environment evaluation, workshop environment verification, the safety and hygiene of resource food, product packaging and transportation, as keep smoothly of the application process.

  “R&D and QC staff must attend and pass through the professional trainings and recognized qualifying bodies. They are not only limited on the basic knowledge of foods, they must also have a sensitive sense of smell and outstanding memory.

  “Therefore, they should be able to differentiate the smell of thousands compounds and natural spices rapidly, such as organic, food additives, product packaging safety, flow of application processing and so on.

  “We can provide one-stop optimization method for all the questions at the R&D Center, reduce the concerns from end customer, quickly and easily promoting the products to the consumers.