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  “Our professional design teams have been designed with many well-known chained cafés and restaurants in China, including their work stations, customized packing, marketing materials and sales menu…etc. With years of experiences in cooperating with restaurants, we develop a standardized work station according the market trend and our client wants. Our clients only provide their store floor plan to our design team, and we will plan, design and create perfect work station projects which cater to the nature of client’s restaurant, estimated daily customer quantity, sales menu and budget. Combining our professional equipment with our R&D Creative Application, i.e. the drinks menu and promotion plan that we design, we can completely support the restaurant opening flow for our clients, introducing new drinks and marketing requirement. In customized products, we design, develop products and exclusive packing for many large-scale chained restaurants and hotels. At the meantime, marketing is paramount importance during the sales procedure.

  “We provide marketing, advertising and fully promotion plans for clients. Our design capability is continuously improved through contacts with clients, observation on the market and clients’ feedback, and they are our treasures to provide higher value for our clients.